Shenzhen Kaise Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a satellite positioning technology and wireless communications business-oriented high-tech companies, products widely used in automotive, communications, electricity, banking, monitoring and networking and other industries.

   Since the establishment of the company, has been agents GSM, GPRS, EDGE,GPS,3G,4G and other communications modules and network transmission products sales,because of the importance of quality and reputation, Kaise company agents of all products for the international well-known brands, independent research and development products .

   Over the past few years, the company's market expansion and deepening, the industry involved in electricity, telecommunications, transportation, medical and other fields, customers all over the country, the product has also been widely recognized. At the same time, the company continued to cultivate and the introduction of outstanding personnel, adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, the establishment of a unity, innovation and enterprising professional team. In recent years, the company gradually to the more in-depth development of technology and application areas for the future to prepare for technological innovation.

    Our development direction is committed to satellite positioning and wireless communications and related network product development, application and supporting services, the goal is to become the leader in the supply of domestic communications products, I believe that with the support of our customers, our efforts will eventually be rich The fruit. Approached the sea, please feel our quality and innovation into the sea, please feel our dedication and sincerity.